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Are you affected by skin disease?

The City of Dublin Skin and Cancer Charity supports The Irish Skin Foundation (ISF), a national charity with a mission to support people with skin conditions. The ISF operates a Helpline, provide up-to-date specialist guidance, runs events, awareness campaigns and engages in advocacy for people with skin conditions.


The ISF provides a comprehensive range of information and resources for people with skin conditions.


Do you have questions about your skin?  Ask a dermatology clinical nurse specialist directly via the ISF website or helpline.


Learn to Protect & Inspect your skin and reduce your risk of skin cancer by avoiding overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Patient Centred


“Apart from considering funding dermatology research and training, it is proposed to explore the possibility of setting up a national dermatology support organisation… to inform, support, fund-raise and advocate on behalf of dermatology patients”

-The City of Dublin Skin and Hospital Cancer Charity, 2007 AGM

The concept of a Skin Foundation that would seek to involve the public in supporting the management of skin disease was proposed by the City of Dublin Skin and Cancer Charity in 2007.

Extensive negotiations took place with the Irish Association of Dermatologists, the Irish Dermatology Nurses Association, the Eczema Society, the Psoriasis Association of Ireland and the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Charity. A Constitution, incorporating the objectives of the voluntary bodies and providing for their representation was drawn up and incorporated in the Irish Skin Foundation with the following objectives: